NW Essex Primary Launch

Recent polling shows that when the general election finally comes, around 80% of the electorate will go to the polls wanting to get rid of what they perceive as the worst government  in living memory. What they will not necessarily be able to do is select the candidate most likely to defeat the incumbent in theirindividual constituency.  

This is where the  Primary Movement comes in. It was created in the constituency of South Devon which has already run their Primary Election and selected a local progressive candidate from a Westminster party. The movement allows the electorate to select the candidate most likely to beat the incumbent. 

A number of local political activists are getting together to run the Primary Election on Northwest Essex (the reconfigured Saffron Walden Constituency). The aim is for the electorate to choose a progressive candidate with a real local interest in the constituency.  At local hustings registered voters can make their choice and then allow voters to coalesce around the progressive local candidate who is most likely to beat the incumbent MP.

John Lodge, who is Chair of the  organising committee said “We have a great opportunity to help our flawed electoral system to get a new Member of Parliament elected with a majority of the constituency’s support. Importantly we expect to elect a progressive Member who has a real interest in local affairs.

For more information and to see how you may be able to help with the cause, please visit www.nwessexprimary.org” 

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