We will run Q&A sessions with the three candidates in towns halls across the North West Essex constituency

The candidates will explain why they are the best placed to defeat the Conservatives at a series of public meetings around the constituency where you can ask questions and vote on which one to unite behind

We can all ask the candidates about the things that matter to us at a Q&A sessions near where we live.

Each of the opposition candidates will want to represent the views of this constituency. So they want to hear from you. As they answer questions, you will be able to get the measure of them.

At the end of each session, members of the audience will be asked to vote for the candidate they think stands the best chance of defeating the Conservative. We will add up the votes from all the Q&A sessions and the winner will be the Peoples' Champion.

Then we all get behind the People's Champion

We have so many shared values. Even if the People's Champion isn't from your favourite party, we ask everyone to get behind them, and help them to victory.